Custom Genotyping Arrays

Illumina offers a broad range of custom genotyping array options for flexible design of 48 to 1M variants. Convenient online tools and Illumina representatives are available to help you design and select your markers of interest, and choose the assay and custom microarray products to best suit your study designs or commercial processes.

Custom Genotyping Options

  • Customize by leveraging Infinium Add-On Content with existing Infinium products based on:
    • New discoveries
    • Disease, population, or area of interest
    • Service offering differentiation
  • Design custom panels targeting specific traits and/or genes of interest for screening large sample sets
  • Enhance targeted validation or screening of samples through fully custom or semi-custom arrays (i.e. net merit, fingerprinting, candidate gene identification, fine mapping, etc.)
  • Design fully custom microarrays for GWAS (genome-wide association studies) and species or populations not supported by standard products
  • Perform economical quality control and barcoding before proceeding with whole-genome sequencing and high density array applications (such as variant discovery, GWAS, etc).

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Custom Genotyping Microarrays

Custom BeadChip Array Format/
Sample Throughput
Content Supported (attempted beadtypes) Add-On Capability Beadtype or Oligo Success Guarantee Content Description
iSelect HD 24/3456* 3,072 to 90,000 Up to 90,000 ≥ 80% Fully custom content. Any SNP, any species.
iSelect HD 12/1728* 90,001 to 250,000 Up to 250,000 ≥ 80% Fully custom content. Any SNP, any species.
iSelect HD 4/480* 250,001 to 1 million Up to 1 million ≥ 80% Fully custom content. Any SNP, any species.


For Research Use Only.


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