Cytogenomics primarily focuses on structural variability within chromosomes. Understanding chromosome aberrations through cytogenetic analysis is an integral part of current genomic medicine, playing a role in both constitutional disorders and cancer.

Traditional molecular cytogenomic methods for assessing chromosomal abnormalities, including FISH and karyotyping, enable visualization of the genome, but often at low resolution. Data generated from these cytogenetic analysis methods tend to be inconsistent and highly dependent upon the user’s skills. Cytogenomic microarrays offer a simpler, more reliable, unbiased method that demonstrates higher resolution for assessing chromosomal aberrations. These qualities, along with the fast and standardized cytogenetic analysis workflows, have led to the global adoption of arrays in cytogenomic studies. Next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies offer detection capabilities even beyond that of arrays.

Cytogenomic Arrays

Illumina offers industry-leading chromosomal microarrays designed to detect chromosome aberrations and provide accurate, reliable cytogenomic data:

  • Thorough coverage
  • Higher detection sensitivity for low-level mosaics
  • Simplified workflows easily incorporated into any lab
  • Proven Infinium assay chemistry for confident results

Our cytogenetic analysis offerings include the CytoChip arrays (CytoChip Cancer, CytoChip Focus, and CytoChip ISCA) and more.

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iScan Array Scanner

iScan offers a dramatic reduction in microarray scanning time.
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BlueFuse Multi Software

Analyze molecular cytogenetic data in a single framework.
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