Targeted Cancer SequencingTargeted Cancer Sequencing

Targeted Sequencing to Identify Known Mutations

Targeted cancer sequencing focuses on a select set of genes, gene regions, or amplicons that are selected based on a priori knowledge. By sequencing only known cancer-relevant genes, researchers can perform sequencing more cost-effectively, with a more streamlined data analysis pipeline.

Fixed Content Sets

To facilitate targeted cancer sequencing studies, Illumina offers fixed content sets for guaranteed performance and a custom amplicon solution where researchers can choose their amplicons of interest. The table below lists key features of each targeted cancer sequencing panel.

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Custom Sequencing

For researchers who would prefer to customize their targeted sequencing studies, TruSeq Custom Amplicon (TSCA), enables rapid and efficient sequencing of hundreds of genomic regions covering up to 650 kb of cumulative sequence. It is amenable to a wide range of sample types, including FFPE samples. This fully integrated DNA-to-data solution includes probe design and ordering using DesignStudio, an easy-to-use online software tool that provides dynamic feedback to optimize design and region coverage.

Illumina also offers custom enrichment kits to target 0.5-25 Mb of custom content. The Nextera Custom Enrichment Kit combines the fastest workflow and customized probe design for an integrated, end-to-end custom targeted cancer exome sequencing solution.

Illumina Next-Gen Sequencing: Think Big, Start Small

Kenneth Bloom, MD, FCAP, Chief Medical Officer at Clarient (GE Healthcare), discusses the practical aspects of how next-generation sequencing will be applied in the clinical laboratory.

Cancer Panel Comparison Tool

>Cancer Panel Comparison Tool

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Targeting Cancer Genes

TruSight Myeloid Sequencing Panel

TruSight Myeloid Panel
The assay includes 15 full genes (exons only) and 39 additional genes where oncogenic hotspots are covered.
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Run TruSight Myeloid Panel on the MiSeq system, then use MiSeq Reporter for analysis and variant calling.
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Table of Illumina Cancer Panels
Panel Catalog ID* Cancer Key Features Number of Genes Number of Amplicons DNA Input FFPE Compatible?
TruSight Tumor FC-130-2001
Solid tumors (lung, colon, melanoma, gastric and ovarian) Dual–stranded oligo design enables highly accurate variant detection in FFPE samples 26 174 30 – 300 ng (depending on pre-run QC results) Yes
TruSight Myeloid FC-130-1010 Myeloid malignancies including MPNs** , MDS† and cancers of myeloid origin Comprehensive myeloid panel targeting oncogenic exons and tumor suppressor genes for high throughput and accuracy 54 568 50 ng No
TruSeq Amplicon Cancer Panel FC-130-1008 Pan-cancer Hotspot mutation panel for both solid and hematological tumors 48 212 150 ng Yes (requires 250 ng input DNA)

*TG-labeled consumables include features intended to help reduce the frequency of revalidation. They are available only under supply agreement and require customers to provide a binding forecast. Please contact your account manager for more information.
**Myeloproliferative Neoplasms
† Myelodysplastic Syndrome